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Wall of Hipparchus (Plato's Academy) - Ωρίωνας ΜFrom the sign: A long stretch of a low wall with buttresses, was found nearby the House of Academos and the Sacred House.

Dated to Late Antiquity, has been identified with the "Wall of Hipparchus" of ancient writers, i.e. the enclosure of the grove of Plato's Academy.

By this wall are found more tombs and scattered ancient wells formed with terracotta circular drums. Has also been found at other points, as have stone stelai bearing the inscription Horos (boundary stone) of Academy.

Location: Archaeological area of Plato's Academy, Athens / HELLAS - Greece.
Keywords: House of Academos, Holy House, Kifissos River, Plato's Academy, Monastiraki.
Additional Information: 12 Holy Olive Trees were protected in the ancient ages by the Wall of Hipparchus. Hipparchus built the extravagant wall that bears his name and created the Grove of Academy. Today, after the various expropriations the park is accessible 24 hours per day.

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