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Holy House (Plato's Academy) - Ωρίωνας ΜFrom the sign: In the Geometric period (ca. 1.000 - 700 B.C.), there was a cemetery here that continued down to Classical times (5th century B.C.). Most of the tombs were clay urns (amphorae) containing the ashes of deceased children.

A house (15.30 X 14.60 m.) was also built. It has been called the "Sacred House" due to the presence of many animal sacrifices in and around it. It is constructed of unbaked clay bricks and consists of seven rooms on either side of a corridor.

It has been assumed that here the Athenians honoured the hero Hekademos, as attested by Plutarch in his Life of Theseus.

Location: Archaeological area of Plato's Academy, Athens / HELLAS - Greece.
Keywords: House of Academos, Wall of Hipparchus, Kifissos River, Plato's Academy, Keramikos.
Additional Information: From here you can see the House of Academos, the first settler of the area and the wall surrounding Plato's Academy and is known as "Wall of Hipparchus". Although the Sacred House and the House of the Academus were situated inside fence in a place that access is denied, is possible to observe the two monuments from the outside area 24 hours a day.
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