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Square Peristyle (Plato's Academy) - Ωρίωνας ΜFrom the sign: In this area, on Platonos and Efklidou Streets, excavations in the 1930s, brought to light the partially preserved "Square Peristyle". Only conglomerate foundations are preserved. This building, which dates to the 4th century B.C., measures ca. 40 x 40 meters. At its northwest corner is a separate room measuring 12 x 8 meters with a brick floor.

The building's architecture and function remain uncertain. Its ground - plan resembles that of other Athenian public buildings interpreted as law - courts, such as the square peristyle of the ancient agora in Athens Greece.

However, it certainly belonged to the Academy's Gymnasium installations, and may even be related to Plato's school. Here were found fragments of honorary and votive military decrees. Painted terracotta metopes of the 6th century B.C. attest to the existence of some earlier public building. One has a scene of a man and a small stag.

Location: Platonos and Efklidou Streets, Athens / HELLAS - Greece.
Keywords: Plato’s Academy, Monastiraki, Keramikos, Holy House, Kifissos River.
Additional Information: The monument is located opposite to the archaeological area of Plato's Academy, on streets Plato and Euclid. Access is free 24 hours a day, just like the majority of the monuments located around it.

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